Remote Data Systems (Pty) Ltd.

We started in 2007 and saw the need in the Mining Industry to interface to weightometors via RS232/RS485 Communication and IO ports to upgrade older systems to improve quality and efficiency without changing Scale hardware and weightometors.

We upgrade and maintain our hardware and software on regular basis to stay ahead of the changing and demanding industry.

Machine Interface Translator or (MIT) is a plug and play unit.
1. Connect the dedicated IO ports pulse count and 4-20mA or RS232/RS485 Communication.
2. Power up the System.
3. Our OTA software can analyze the continuous data string or MODBUS Registry and setup interface Remotely.
4. You are online and ready to access the Web Interface.

Weightometors tested with MIT unit.

  • 1. BST100
  • 2. BW100 / BW500 Siemens
  • 3. PA Systems
  • 4. Loadtech
  • 5. Ramsey
  • 6. Any other Weightometor with Serial,MODBUS,pulse/Ton and 4-20mA output.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information can I retrieve?.

If the MIT unit is connected via RTU modbus you can request up to 25 Variables from the weightometer

If your Weightometor sends a continues string, it will be the data extracted from the data string.

If the weightometor has only got pulse output / Ton and 4-20mA for T/H you will see this.

MIT IO Interface Level.

  • 1. Input 7-28VDC 150mA
  • 2. 8 x 500mA OC Outputs
  • 3. 4 x Opto Isolated Inputs
  • 4. 2 x 0-10V High impediance ADC
  • 5. 1 x 0-5V DAC output.

Communication and Protocal.

  • 1. 1xRS232 Port
  • 2. 1xRS485 Port
Baudrate default is set to 9600,n,8,1.


  • 1. Decode a Print String up to 180 Char
  • 2. STX-ETX Delimited String
  • 3. Siemens BW100 bi-polar
  • 4. RTU ASCII
  • 5. RTU Modbus
  • 6. PA Screen interface
We tested the unit with all Weightometors above.

Monitor Run and Empty Conveyor Hours.

Yes. The MIT has got a PLC editor Online where you can program when certain conditions met to inc 3 types of Hour Meters.

Run Time Hour meter
You can setup this Meter to start increment seconds when your T/H or any 15 Internal variables stays at a set value. After a set time when this condition is not met the HMeter stops.

Empty Conveyor Belt
You can setup this Meter to start increment seconds when the Belt speed is running and the T/H is less than a set value and stays in that condition for a time. If the condition changes the HMeter stops.


Our system is not a SMS / CSV data collector.

Our System Interface direct to the weightometer and can control over the Air (OTA) and request any data the Client wants.

MIT Controller V5.50

Interface with Social Media

Real-Time Online

The MIT unit access the Remote Data Server via a GPRS modem. The condition of the signal and online status is updated every 40-60 Seconds and raw data is stored on the server.
Each unit has got a unique System number to link Client, site, Scale to this number.

If the MIT unit does not receive an update in less than 3 minutes the system will send a Telegram/Email message to warn the system is offline.
Usually, this happens when there is a power outage or Load scheduling.

The GPRS network is very stable an average of 99.8% of data capture is possible.
A backup battery supply can be added to the MIT controller for up to 8 hours.

We have one Server problem in seven years and was up and running within a couple of hours.

Energy Consumption

The energy consumption cost forms a large part of the operating cost of a belt conveyor system, which can be up to 40%. The remaining 60% is due to operational cost and maintenance.

With our MIT system and PLC functions, you can check if the conveyor runs empty. The system will send an EMAIL / Telegram message to warn the operator. The Empty Belt Hour Meter increment and totalize the waist of Energy.


You can access and create reports for the last 3 months. A backup of up to 5 years of data stored on the server and can be restored on request.

The web interface does have many OnClick fields where detailed information can be display for the current shift.

Actual Versus Planned

The web user can set up the Target expected tons per hour. The system calculated continuously the actual versus the planned tons and show it.

5 Day Report

With this Report, the user can see a 5 day trend of Tons / Hours on the hour. Solve the problem to optimize the operation.

Tons / Hour

With this Report, the user can see a trend of Tons / Hours on the hour. Solve the problem to optimize the operation.

Totalizer on the Hour

Automated Shift Report

The system creates an automated shift report. The report is then Email to a mail list group.

Scheduled Email Report

True Data to report Under Readings

The advantage of our system is when there is an under reading or minis T/H the system pick it up and send a Telegram or Email message to warn the Technical / SLA holder to calibrate the scale.

Make use of the onboard PLC function to control lights and Alarms. You can use the Telegram BOT to Clear the alarm with a unique OTP number. To analyze this you can report on how long it takes to correct this Warning.

Wireless and LAN Network

This is a dedicated Gateway for We use an MIT base for Power supply, RS232, RS485, or TTL The protocol between your device and MIT controller can be set up via MIT Setup Tool. The package of up to 15 variables can be sent to the MIT Gateway. The encrypted data is sent to the Remotedata Server and allocated as a device. Standard web interface and Scada are applicable.

MITLOG Standalone Logger and Controller

MITLOG is a plug-and-play add-on unit for the MIT controllers. Some clients in the field don't want the monthly cost, no Internet, no GSM network, or WIFI on-site for data logging.

The client can set up the MITLOG to monitor and log plant performance on a 16-32G SD card. Through the WIFI hotspot, the client can access current shift performance via a WEB interface and export data or download performance log files.

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