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Interface any external Device

The module is a powerful data capturing unit. The module make use of RS232 / RS485 and I/O to collect sensor, scale, or any device output.

The selected driver to communicate with your device is to capture the specified info and parse it in an encrypted string.This data can then be logged to SD Card, send via WIFI, Lora LAN, or GSM. Encrypted info Send to RDS Server.

If setup as Stand-alone and SD card installed, the performance and info can be read from Hotspot to your Smartphone.

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Weighbridge Interface

The daily weighing data, vehicle database, and product database are stored locally on the Weighbridge 64Meg SD card. A backup of the system is automatically backup to the RDS server.

All database and system control can be done remotely at your offices.

Read the weighing data string from the existing weighbridge and send info to your system via the Remotedata server.

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Smart junction box is designed for parallel connecting of 2 to 4 load cells to an electronic device and for ensuring the monitoring of their correct functioning.

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Reporting and Events.

Schedule Shift Reporting
The system create up to three shift reports. The report contains actual versus planned, Down Time, start and last production.
The report is availiable in pdf format as well. Sample Report

System Events to Telegram and WhatsApp
Start of shifts
Power Down
Online / Offline
Hourly actual versus planned
Low and High production
Add an event for your attention

Social Networks.

We create a WhatsApp group and can make you the administrator to manage Events and messages of group.
We create a Telegram bot and users.
You send us the email list and will create it for you.
Sample Report

Do I need to change any hardware? to interface system.

No hardware changes are neccesary. The MIT Sens module is a powerful data capturing unit.
The module make use of RS232 / RS485 and I/O to collect sensor, scale, or any device output.

License and subscription

If the client makes use of the RDS Cloud server, license do not apply.
A minimum of 1-year subscription is needed to set up Web base pages Telegram alerts, Daily reports events, etc to customer's needs.
The MITSENS price will be offered as a cost price. If the client wants to cancel, a new license agreement and unit price will be quoted to use as a stand-alone. See Stand-alone.

Subscription cost to make use of the RDS server will be quoted How many units are on site.
Month to month for 1 Year. Once off a 1-year subscription

Subscription Includes
Daily Shift reports.
Unlimited Web access and users.
Telegram Events from Server
Whatsapp Group Events from Server
Admin assistance.

Can I install a system myself.

Yes you can.
The system is a plug and play devices. The installation documentasion help to setup and install the system quicly.
License and subscription applies.

Are there installers and maintenace availiable.

Yes we do have Companies to install and maintain your scales and systems.
Almex Group JP Marion (+27 82 652 9388)

Become a installers and Distributor.

Contact US to discuse terms.

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Our mission

To integrate remote devices and assets to a central point where you can access data to optimize down time and increase overall productivity and yield OEE.

To integrate older technology to a standard of IoT (Internet of things) to get the full potensiale of control and management of remote asset.


Our company started in 1994 and sees the need in the mining industry to add sensors and upgrade older technology to improve quality and efficiency.

We make use of IT and system Engineers to design systems for the Mine, Motor industry or anywhere IOT systems are needed.

We design, upgrade, and maintain our hardware and software on a regular basis to stay ahead of the demanding industry.

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